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Do you want to play an airplane simulator? One of the best and most realistic airplane simulators is Airline Commander. This game is ideal to pass the time.
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You may have played car simulators and other types of simulation games, but have you played an airplane simulator? You should play Airline Commander. There are numerous airplane games and Airline Commander is one of the best and most accurate. Simulator games are different from the other categories. The developers try their best to make these games as realistic as possible.

RORTOS made this game. It was released in 2018. If you are in bufsca of the most realistic airplane simulator, this game is for you. This game allows players to feel like a real pilot because of how realistic it is. Download at no cost and play Airline Commander MOD APK new update 2024 because in this version you will have unlimited ac credits, money, and unlocked all planes.


  • Fly planes like never before.
  • Experience the air traffic in real time.
  • Prove that you are the best pilot.
  • Choose between planes from various airlines.
  • Customize your planes.
  • Very realistic airplane mechanics.
  • Enjoy realistic weather conditions.
  • Control your fleet of planes.


Airline Commander has appreciable gameplay. Piloting a big plane is not something that everyone can do. It takes practice and courage. You also need to have a flight license to do it. Be that as it may, let’s introduce you to the gameplay of Airline Commander. In the main menu, manage all the activities of your airline. Go first to the “Aircraft and licenses” option.

As your first rank is a trainee, you will have two aircraft available, SAAB 340 and ATR 42. The SAAB 340 is the best, so choose it. First take the flight test. This is the test for the basic takeoff. The skills will be unlocked after giving the flight tests. Improve your flying skills and if you feel the need that you are not flying correctly, retake the test. Your instructor will guide you on how to fly the aircraft and get you familiar with the controls.

Start flying right after the control tower authorizes your first takeoff. The knot meter reports the knots. Knots are the speed of the aircraft. Right next to it is the altitude indicator that indicates the altitude in feet. To start the aircraft, pull the aircraft stick up to give full power to the engines. This will accelerate the plane. Reach a speed of about 111 knots and then slowly bank the aircraft upward for takeoff.

Once the altitude of 300 feet is reached, retract the landing gear. Be careful not to lose too much speed. Retract the landing gear by pulling the lever down on the right side. You can change the camera by pressing the view button on the upper right. The flying experience is completely different when you are in the cockpit. Some people may like it better while others prefer the chase camera mode or the third person camera mode.

The indicator at the bottom left is the radar, which shows you the next waypoint and its distance. On the radar, align the purple waypoint symbol with the yellow direction triangle to follow the correct path. Tilt the phone to the left or right to turn. If you fly well, you will be qualified and get the A License. Now, you can start completing contracts that will unlock new routes.

By completing more and more contracts, you will be able to rank up. There are many famous planes that you can fly, such as Boeing 737, CRJ 900, ATR 72, DHC-8 and a couple of others. You can’t play this game online though. Free install Airline Commander MOD APK hack version on your Android device. Airline Commander MOD APK unlocked has a lot of features like unlimited money, and all that make it special.

Airline Commander MOD APK premium is advanced than the normal version. It also saves players’ time by providing them with these features at the start of the game. The good thing about Airline Commander MOD APK new version is that it is for iOS as well.

How to download Airline Commander MOD APK:

  1. To download, tap on the Download MOD APK button.
  2. Then tap Download Now.
  3. Third, tap on Download MOD APK.
  4. The download will start.


How to enter cheat codes?

Play Airline Commander MOD APK.

How to level up?

Level up by completing contracts.

How to open routes?

By completing more and more contracts.

Is this game offline or online?

Only offline.

Final Verdict:

You have to know some tips and tricks before playing this game. The first tip would be to follow everything the guide teaches you. This game is fairly easy and does not have as steep a learning curve as other games. However, becoming a skilled pilot in this game may require more than just following the guide. Experience what it would feel like to be a pilot and have fun.

Download Airline Commander MOD APK. Be sure to check out other simulation games here.

What's new

- Now you can see the contents of the Hangar Rewards containers. Just tap on them.
- Fixed the bug that caused freezing when switching between different events in the event center screen.
- The amount of qualification tokens in the offer packages is now correctly displayed.
- Fixed bug related to newly added planes that could cause the game to crash.
- New liveries.
- Fixed Learjet 35A autopilot speed.
- Various tweaks to user interface and localization.




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