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Are you ready for the ultimate challenging arcade game? Play Geometry Dash and test your real gaming skills. Completing this game is a nightmare but also very rewarding.
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When it comes to video games, most games are easy to play. However, there are some games that are famous for their extreme difficulty. You may have heard of the Bloodborne and Dark Souls series. They are punishing if the player makes mistakes. If we talk about the most difficult Android game, Geometry Dash comes to mind. Geometry Dash is an arcade game developed by RobTop Games.

This unique game was released in 2013. Geometry Dash is one of the best arcade games for Android. The main reason why it is famous is because the gameplay is exhausting. Don’t hit any obstacles or you will suffer serious consequences. If you want to enjoy this game even more, download the latest version of Geometry Dash MOD APK for free and get all infinity, diamonds and all full levels at your disposal.


  • Play the most difficult game ever.
  • Many unique levels to play.
  • Create your own levels.
  • Improve your skills by practicing.
  • One touch controls that are easy.
  • Many rewards can be unlocked.
  • Choose from various characters and icons.
  • Get a rewarding experience by grinding.


Geometry Dash has simple gameplay. The controls are one-touch. Just tap your finger anywhere on the screen to jump your icon. When flying the jetpack, you can hold down your finger on the screen to raise the jetpack and release your finger to descend. Depending on the obstacles, you can ascend and descend. It will require control and practice to be better at it.

The main goal is to complete the level. There will be many obstacles in your way and you will have to dodge them. Your icon will speed up by itself and you don’t need to press any buttons. You just need to tap the screen anywhere to jump over the obstacles and your timing will be correct. Most of the levels have obstacles according to the background music in that level.

If you know the rhythm of the music, you can jump according to the music and pass the mission. But it is not as easy as it seems. This game requires hundreds of hours of playing to be good at it. The secrets of this game will make you a better player. The levels have different difficulties. The bridge level is very famous. The system requirements of Geometry Dash are that you need Android 5.0 or higher.

The list of hardest levels will tell you about the hardest levels in this game. When you complete a mission in this game, you get a sense of achievement. Even though it is just an arcade game, you still get those feelings. New colors for your icons and different icons will be unlocked as you complete the missions. If you want to challenge your mind, you can play this game.

Your gaming skills will be tested to the limit. Playing this game requires laser sharp focus. If you lose focus even for a second, you could lose. The missions in this game that are longer are very difficult. The main reason for this is that you feel under a lot of pressure when the level is about to be completed. If you touch the screen a minisecond earlier or later to avoid the obstacle, you will lose the level.

The level will start from the beginning once you have lost. Geometry Dash MOD APK is really amazing. Geometry Dash MOD APK has some additional features that are amazing. Geometry Dash MOD APK contains unlimited keys, coins and diamonds etc. Is there any level that you can’t complete? You can download Geometry Dash MOD APK for free and play any level you want.

You can play the last level without even playing the first mission. The new update of Geometry Dash MOD APK also contains some additional missions. If you are ready for a real challenge, you can play this game.

How to download Geometry Dash MOD APK:

  1. Tap on the MOD APK download.
  2. Then tap download now.
  3. Finally, tap download MOD APK.
  4. The download starts automatically.


Is Geometry Dash OK for children?

Yes, it is completely safe for children.

How to unlock all the icons?

To unlock all the icons, you can play the full version of Geometry Dash MOD APK.

How to unlock all the ships?

For that, you can play the modded version.

Last words:

Geometry Dash is available for PC and also for iOS. Online play is also possible, but only in Geometry Dash lite. Geometry Dash is a kind of game that you play to increase your brain function. If you complete this game, you are literally a hardworking and smart gamer. Completing games like these is not an easy thing to do. At first, you will find the game to be extremely difficult, but over time, it will become somewhat easy.

There is absolutely no need to wait any longer. Download Geometry Dash MOD APK. Play Subway Surfers MOD APK as well.

What's new

Update 2.2 is here!

- New level "Dash
- New game mode: Swing
- 4 new platform levels
- New collectible: Moons
- More than 700 new icons and 100 new achievements
- New music library and special effects
- Shader effects
- Particle editor
- Camera controls
- Keyframe system and automatic construction
- Over 80 new triggers and editor improvements.
- Lots of new art, with over 1500 pixel blocks
- Lots of new animations
- Create level lists
- New stores, chests, shards, gauntlets, secrets...
and much more!



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