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Granny is a very popular action horror game. You are trapped in Granny's house and you have to be very careful. Hide from Granny.
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Horror games are played all over the world. Horror games are a subgenre of action games. In horror games, you have to kill ghosts or other supernatural creatures and escape from them. There are different types of horror games. In some horror games, the creature is too strong and all you have to do is hide from it and survive because it is not going to fall, for example, in games like Outlast.

Granny is a first class horror game for android. The developer who made this game is DVloper. Granny is the game that is their best and the most famous game so far. Granny is not too old. It was released just in 2017. If you really want to enjoy Granny, it would be a better choice to download Granny MOD APK latest version 2024 because it gives mod menu, and all unlocked.


  • Escape from the Granny’s house.
  • Don’t make a single noise.
  • Hide from Granny at all costs.
  • Be very careful when moving.
  • Don’t drop anything on the floor.
  • Explore Granny’s house.
  • Enjoy a lot of scares.
  • Solve tricky puzzles to escape.


Granny is a survival game in which you have to survive from Granny. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist finds himself trapped in a house. He does not know that it is the house of a terrifying ghost named Granny. He wakes up in this mysterious house and the first thing that comes to his mind is to escape. He finds a way to escape from the house but it is not very easy.

Granny keeps him locked in his house. The reason is that he traps people inside his house and then kills them. Unfortunately, this time you have been his victim. Don’t think you are unlucky, because if you do your best and escape, you won’t die. Grandma is very smart. While you find your way out of the house, you have to be very careful. Don’t make any noise and don’t throw anything on the floor.

Every time you make a noise, Grandma will appear and kill you. Sometimes grandma will chase you and you will have to hide from her. There are several places to hide from her, such as under the bed, in the closet and in the closets. To open some doors you need a key. You can also use guns to shoot Granny, but this will not kill her. Granny is immortal and will only disappear for a few minutes.

When you enter a room, close the door behind you so it will take Granny a few seconds to open it. This will save you a few extra seconds and you will be able to escape in those seconds. You will learn tricks and tips as you continue to play this game. This game is a little tricky, but not too tricky. Grandma also has a spider that will attack you. You can even play as a spider in a Granny mod.

You can also play in multiplayer mode. This online game is a lot of fun if you play it with your friends. Together with your friends, escape from the house. The Granny will appear right in front of you if you make noise and you will get a good scare. This game is not too much horror but sometimes you will find yourself scared. Granny MOD APK unlocked is the favorite version of gamers as it has unlimited ammo, health and coins.

Granny MOD APK hack has mod menu that gives you all the unlocked weapons, and item generator. You can even become invisible in Granny MOD APK. The normal version of Granny has ads which are not nice by gamers. There are no ads in Granny MOD APK which makes this mod version much more special. We guarantee that the version we are providing is the new update, not the old version. The good thing about Granny mod version is that it is not only for Android, but also for iOS and for PC as well.

How to download Granny MOD APK:

  1. To install, tap on Download MOD APK.
  2. Second, tap on Download Now.
  3. Third, tap on Download MOD APK.
  4. Automatically, the download will start.


Which exhaust is easier in Granny?

Preset#1 is the easiest.

What is the secret of Granny?

It’s the secret rooms.

Where are the hiding places in Granny?

Hide in closets, bedrooms, closets and some other places.

Final words:

You can even play as Granny in one of the Granny mods. You can’t play as Granny in Granny MOD APK though. Granny has also set traps for his victims. While finding your way out of the house, look everywhere carefully because when the traps make noise, Granny will quickly approach you and you will have nowhere to run. This game will quickly become your favorite horror game. Just like Horrorfield, this game is terrifying.

Download Granny MOD APK right now. Also, download Specimen Zero MOD APK which is another awesome horror game.

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