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It's time for you to play an amazing zombie action game. The game is SAS: Zombie Assault 4. In this game you are a soldier and your job is to eliminate scary zombies.
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Do you want to play an amazing zombie shooting game? You can find many zombie shooting games on the internet. But not all games are worth playing. Some games will only waste your time giving you half the pleasure. It is better to do some research before playing a game of any genre. We will tell you about an epic zombie killing game. SAS: Zombie Assault 4 is one of the best zombie action games.

ninja kiwi is the name of the developer who created this game and this game was released in October 2014. Zombies are lifeless creatures that have a very low IQ. They only know one thing and that is to kill humans. Zombies do not deserve to live. To have max level, unlimited health, everything and all weapons unlocked for free, download the latest version 2024 of SAS 4 MOD APK right now.


  • Eliminate hordes of zombies.
  • Choose the best weapon available.
  • Make a heavy build of your characters.
  • Choose your assault team.
  • Defeat powerful bosses too.
  • Play new missions and new maps.
  • Select the best upgrades and augmentations.
  • Enjoy online play with friends.


In the main menu, you have some options. Single player, multiplayer, weapons, armor, support, support, skills, masteries, collections, leaderboards and elite inventory. This game has about 10 missions like Onslaught and Ice Station that you can enjoy. Each mission is on a new map. This game gives off Daymare 1998 vibes because of the SAS soldiers. Each mission has a specific objective that must be completed; otherwise, the mission will remain incomplete.

In the first mission “Onslaught”, your objective is to escape from the space station and survive the zombie attacks for 6 minutes. This is easy if you put your mind to it. Overall, this game is easy, but some factors make it easy. If you don’t follow the factors and tips, survival will be almost impossible. Survivors need your help. Wherever you find survivors, save them from zombies.

This is not only moral, but also part of your duty. Your duty is not only to survive but also to help others. You can change your currently equipped armor by tapping armor in the menu. Drag your new armor to the mannequin to equip it. Use your skill points wisely. In the skill menu, you can spend your skill points and select the skills you like best.

Equipping the right skills will improve your chances of survival. Make sure you don’t spend all your points on one skill, but equip different skills because your character must be balanced. For example, if you spend all your points on armor and health, it is true that you will be strong but not fast. Similarly, if all your points go to reloading, your weapon will be fast but that would be the only benefit you will have.

On the other hand, if some of your points go to armor, health, fast reload, fast movement, health regeneration, energy regeneration, critical fire, etc., your character will be unstoppable. You should also choose skills according to your game type. If you are not the person who uses grenades most of the time like me, don’t spend your points on grenades because they will be wasted. That’s an “if” scenario.

It pays to pick the best class because class matters a lot. There are a plethora of weapons available for you to choose from. They range from pistols, guns, grenades, flamethrowers and kraken, etc. Unleash your hatred on the enemies using flamethrowers and burn them. Give the zombies the same agonizing pain they inflict on humans. Choose various augmentations, such as Jupiter augmentations.

Get information on all items by viewing the level list. For the real treat, download and play the new SAS 4 MOD APK update. SAS 4 MOD APK premium unlocked has free premium weapons, unlimited skill points, free shopping and unlock everything. SAS 4 MOD APK has invincibility glitch which makes your character invincible.

How to download new version of SAS 4 MOD APK:

  1. Press Download MOD APK.
  2. The second step is to tap Download Now.
  3. The third step is to press Download MOD APK.
  4. Your download will start automatically.


What is the best armor in SAS 4?

Exos armor is the best.

Is the previous version of SAS 4 MOD APK better?

No, the new one is better.

Is SAS 4 MOD APK for iOS available?

Yes, it is available.


You can’t reach level 100 in this game because it doesn’t exist. However, you can reach the maximum level if you are consistent and apply the right game strategies. Games that have many elements, weapons and skills like this one, mostly require strategy. These types of games require game sense. Anyone who has never played a game in their life will probably not be able to play at all.

Download free SAS 4 MOD APK. Also, install Burst to Power MOD APK and Cyberika MOD APK which are really great games.

What's new

*Several minor corrections aimed at improving game stability.



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