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You definitely know Sonic. He's a lightning fast hedgehog. If you like Sonic, you can play a great Sonic game, Sonic Forces. Play as various characters and complete interesting levels.
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Everyone knows Sonic. Sonic is a hedgehog that moves at high speed. He is lightning fast and moves from one place to another in a matter of seconds. Although Sonic may look like a teenager, he is actually 36 years old. He’s very smart and knows a lot of cool tricks. He’s quiet and stays out of other people’s business, but he’s still made a few enemies.

You might feel like playing an awesome Sonic game. If so, you can play Sonic Forces. Sonic Forces is created by SEGA. SEGA has made hundreds of popular and high class games and this game joined their creations. This game was released in November 2017. Free download Sonic Forces MOD APK latest version 2024 if you want to have access to all unlocked characters, and unlimited red rings.


  • Enjoy playing multiplayer with friends.
  • Take on all the bosses that want to hurt you.
  • Compete with the best species.
  • Finish with several enemies.
  • Access to very simple controls.
  • Choose between several characters.
  • Dodge the attacks of the adversaries.
  • Enjoy a different adventure.


Enter your age as soon as you start the game. Anyone can play this game because it is very easy. This game is a racing game. You have to compete with your friends and beat them. The real fun of this game is in playing multiplayer online. As you beat your friends, you will feel like you are having the time of your life. Dodge the obstacles during the race. Swipe left, right, up or down to avoid obstacles.

Along your way, you will find a lot of rings. You’d better collect them because they increase your score and you’ll go faster collecting them. Strive to reach the first position. The second and third positions are good, but not as good as the first one. If your goal is to become superior, you will definitely become superior to other players. This game is not difficult at all. All you need to do is practice and concentrate a little.

The power-ups will help you win. Use the power-ups against your enemies. Every time you get a power-up, it will be equipped. You can tap the power-up after equipping it to launch it against your enemies. After being hit, they will stay behind you. Over time, the round will be faster. You will need more attention and concentration to avoid the obstacles. Sometimes obstacles will come right in front of you and you will have to dodge them in a matter of seconds.

You will face a lot of villains like Egg Dragoon and Dr. Eggman that you will have to defeat. Finishing off the bad guys is what you have to do. After defeating the final boss, you will get to see the ending. Your main player is Sonic but if you want, you can choose between Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose, and some other players. Sonic is indisputably the best, but you can also try other characters. Check out the list of levels to compare things in the game. Although, this game is not demanding but if we talk about the system requirements of this game, you need a good GPU like 750ti if you want to play this game on PC.

There are many levels in this game. Each level is different and gives a unique game feeling. Participate in many fun events. If you want to play this game, play Sonic Forces MOD APK for android. Sonic Forces MOD APK new update has unlimited money, coins, gems, and everything. Any character or things you want to buy is there for you without any price in Sonic Forces MOD APK. You have so much money in Sonic Forces MOD APK that you will never run out of it. Buy free and enjoy free shopping like never before by playing Sonic Forces MOD APK new unlocked version. Get extra XP boost.

How to download Sonic Forces MOD APK:

  1. Tap on Download MOD APK.
  2. Second, tap Download Now.
  3. Third, tap Download MOD APK.
  4. Automatically, the download will start.


How many stages are there in this game?

There are seven stages.

How long to beat?

This game lasts 4 hours.

How to beat Zavok?

Don’t get hit and don’t lose the rings.

How to get Super Sonic?

Collect more than 50 coins.

How many players can play?

A couple of players can play.


Your main goal is to save the world and ensure Sonic’s victory. He must win at all costs and prove that he is a hero. He has a burden on his shoulders, but he is a tough hedgehog. He can carry the load and, in fact, he’s quite good at it. Upgrade your heroes to make them better. This will help them perform better and win more races. Stay on top in the leaderboards.

Download Sonic Forces MOD APK for free. Download Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK and Super Mario Run MOD APK from here as well.

What's new

Introducing bonus missions, which will give you another way to collect and unlock cards for our incredible roster of characters.
Get into the holiday spirit with Sonic Blizzard, who comes to battle with 3 new festive attacks that are sure to give your opponents the creeps.
Also returning are some of your favorite Christmas characters: Santa Big, Jingle Belle Amy, Nutcracker Silver and Elf Classic Sonic.



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