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You have been kidnapped. You must escape because your life is at stake. Solve puzzles too. Escape from the monster. Don't let it find you or you will die and it's all over.
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Do you like horror games? If you do, you will fall in love with Specimen Zero. Specimen Zero is an excellent horror game created by Café Studio and released in 2020. This game is very popular and is one of the best horror games for Android. Real life horror is to everyone’s liking because of the fear of the unknown. While going alone in the jungle, many people are afraid of the supernatural.

But horror games and movies are very exciting to experience. There is so much variety of horror and there really is no limit. Horror is a very famous movie genre, but since the last decade, horror games have also started to become popular. Download the latest version of Specimen Zero MOD APK completely free and get access to various unlimited features that unlock everything and unlimited ammo.


  • Enjoy the thrilling horror experience.
  • Hide from the petrifying monster.
  • Escape from the mysterious places.
  • Don’t make a single sound.
  • Immensely impressive graphics.
  • You can see many jump scares.
  • Also play with your friends.
  • Solve many interesting puzzles.


This may be the scariest game you’ve ever played. Specimen Zero has very PC-like gameplay. It has very high quality gameplay. At the beginning, you can select your difficulty level when you press No New Game. You have four difficulties which are easy, normal, hard and nightmare. On easy difficulty, the enemies move at slow speed, you have a large amount of resources, the enemy’s hearing range is very limited and there are very few enemies in the levels.

The normal difficulty is a little harder than the easy difficulty. The amount of resources is less, the enemies move at a slightly faster speed and the enemies’ hearing range is limited. In the language settings, you can change the language. The hard and nightmare difficulty is for those players who are very skilled in games. And those players who have played this game before on the other difficulties.

In the first level, your player will be confused and scared. Remember that some people in the van kidnapped him and then brought him to this place. Electrodes are also coming out of his body showing that the kidnappers did something to him. Maybe they did some experiments on him. From this horrible place, you must escape by finding the way out. But wait, something much more terrible has happened to you. This game is not boring and it is actually a great way to kill time.

You are in a building where there are terrifying monsters. These monsters are cruel and will tear you to pieces if they catch you. You must hide from them. If you move carelessly and make noise, they will hear you from far away and that’s it. Most of the building has no light so you must use a flashlight. Hide in the shadows to avoid direct confrontation with the creatures.

Walk very slowly so they won’t be alerted. You can distract and trick them by throwing noisy objects. When you are wounded, you can use bandages to heal yourself. Use weapons against the enemies. Discover a new map as well. You can download free of charge Specimen Zero MOD APK. Specimen Zero MOD APK has many interesting things which are all unlimited, forest map unlocked, all unlocked, unlock all masks, free masks and no ads.

Are you annoyed by ads to the point that you don’t even want to play this game? Well, we have a solution for you. Play the newest version of Specimen Zero MOD APK for that. The new update of Specimen Zero MOD APK also has unlimited vignettes. It is not the old version. The premium version has the features that are not in the regular version. If you ever wanted to know what it would feel like to escape from a dangerous place, this game is for you.

How to download Specimen Zero MOD APK:

  1. Tap download mod apk.
  2. Then tap download now.
  3. To install, tap download now.


Is Specimen Zero MOD APK for iOS?

Yes, it is available for iPhone.

What is the main goal of Specimen Zero?

Survival is the main goal.

What is the use of the screwdriver in Specimen Zero?

It is used to fix the fuse bulbs.


Your main goal is to survive in this game. You have been kidnapped and you must find your way. You can also play online with your friends. Together with them, hide and kill from the monsters and find your way out. Make use of the items you find on your way. These items are useful and you can collect them. You also have to solve the puzzles and sometimes they can be tricky. You can add this game to your collection of horror games. Getting addicted to this game is very easy.

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What's new

-Spec 043 visibility corrected
-New map added
-New SPEC 043 monster added
-New skins
-Bugs fixed
-Multiplayer (Alpha) added
-Tablet to control security cameras added
-Added Egg timer trap sound
-Ghost mode added



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