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WorldBox is a great Sandbox Simulator in which you can do many unique things. You can create life and create and destroy worlds. Explore a vast world and do whatever you want.
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Simulation games are one of the most played game categories. It has many subgenres. One of the subgenres of simulation games is life simulation. As the name suggests, in these games, players can control more than one life form. In reality, you only have one life and that is what you control, but in life simulation games, you can experience what it would feel like to control more than one life.

One such amazing game is WorldBox. It’s a sandbox simulator game where the player can create many different types of life forms and the player is basically the creator. You can watch it grow as time goes by. Free download WorldBox MOD APK to get premium unlocked, free purchases and everything unlocked. Progress much faster by playing this game and really enjoy it too.


  • Make worlds in this game.
  • Watch life thrive.
  • Spawn magical animals and creatures.
  • Control the environment of your world.
  • Destroy worlds if you want.
  • Create different natural disasters.
  • Help civilizations survive and grow.
  • Explore many things.


You have several options to start life. You will have to start first by creating and shaping your world. In the list, different icons mean different things. The blue icons mean water and the brown icons are dirt and soil. To grow grass in the soil, you can add water. You can select from various civilizations, kingdoms and villages. In addition, you can add various animals, creatures and monsters to your world.

These creatures can be simple animals such as sheep, wolves and they can also be magical creatures such as orcs, elves and zombies, etc. After a while, your world will start to grow and you will see how your creation will prosper. You can even add worms to your world and watch them destroy the world and make it ugly. So, now that you have created your world, do you want to know about another interesting thing you can do with it?

You can destroy your world with disasters. You can use volcanoes, tornadoes, lava and meteorites in the world to completely demolish it. The atomic bomb and acid rain can also turn your world into dust. See the rise and fall of civilizations. You may love your world very much, but you may get bored and destroy it. You can play with different superpowers and magical creatures. Your civilizations will build their own houses, buildings and evolve.

You can even wage war against each other. Maxim Karpenko, who is an independent developer, created this game. The sole purpose of this game was to make players feel what it would be like to create their world, civilizations and add things to their world. This game was released in 2018 and since then, it has been millions of players all over the world. This game is so interesting that everyone who loves this game falls in love with it.

You can try this game for free if you want and only then you will see how much this game is worth. If you just watch the videos of this game or read about it, you may not say that this game is not worth it. It unlocks many achievements like last resort, lava attack, love, demon, hell and world war, etc. To enjoy this game fully, it is recommended to play WorldBox MOD APK.

WorldBox MOD APK has some additional features that the normal version does not contain. WorldBox MOD APK has premium unlocked, etc. This will help you save time and you can quickly do what you want in this game. Make the gaming experience much faster by playing WorldBox MOD APK.

How to download WorldBox MOD APK next update:

  1. Tap Download MOD APK.
  2. Then, tap Download Now.
  3. Finally, tap Download MOD APK.
  4. The download will start.


How to get all the features in WorldBox MOD APK?

Get them in traitor edition.

How to get king of kings?

Find an unscarred king with 20 or more traits.

How to get tornado achievement?

Add a tornado to the world and hit it with lightning for some time.

How to give weapons?

You can’t give weapons.


All the powers in this game are amazing. The best modifications make the game much more fun. Easter eggs can also be found throughout the game, but they are not easy to find. If you look close enough, you will find them easily. Play for free online and also offline, you choose. This game makes players addicted in a very short time. You can enjoy this game a lot without any worries.

Learning this game is very easy. Just look at the options carefully and you will be guided automatically. The next thing you should do is to keep testing by creating and destroying. Download WorldBox MOD APK right now. Check out a similar game, My Little Universe MOD APK. Also, download SimCity Buildit MOD APK, which is another simulator game.

What's new

## 0.22.21 - Premium Update
- Fixed: the debug option "disable premium" was not automatically disabled after the 2nd restart, so some players thought they had lost premium.
- stability improvementsn vast world and do what you want.



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