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Everyone dislikes zombies because they are a very dangerous creature. In Zombie Catchers, join two intergalactic entrepreneurs on their journey and help them catch zombies.
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Zombies are very dangerous and ugly looking creatures. They don’t know how to do anything but kill humans. In the last few decades, zombies have become very popular because of what horrible creatures they are. Zombies were once normal humans who turned into these ferocious beings. In recent years there have been hundreds of phenomenal zombie games and movies.

You might be looking for a wonderful zombie game, you must play Zombie Catchers. Zombie Catchers is a game in which you have to catch the zombies. In 2016, Zombie Catchers was released and this game is still being played by many players who love this game. Download totally free Zombie Catchers MOD APK latest version 2024 because it has unlimited plutonium, all levels unlocked and unlimited everything.


  • Play as two amazing intergalactic characters.
  • Catch the zombies because they deserve it.
  • Prepare delicious zombie dishes.
  • Expand your business empire.
  • Satisfy your customers too.
  • Wear any costume you want.
  • To obtain expensive rewards, complete challenges.
  • Increase your hunter rank.


This game is set in the future. Zombie Catchers offers incredibly fun gameplay. Normally, in zombie games, you kill zombies, but in this game, you do something different. What you do in this game is hunt zombies and then prepare delicious zombie dishes. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? No one ever thought that zombies could be used as food. Everyone thought that zombies were just creatures to kill, but these two gentlemen, A.J and Bud proved otherwise.

The story of this game revolves around A.J and Bud. They are two businessmen who thought of this unique idea of making food out of zombies. They are both very different specimens though. A.J is a little green alien and Bud is a robot. They have opened a store where they sell delicious snacks, tasty juices and even candy. All of these things contain, yes, you guessed it, zombie parts.

To get the zombie ingredients, A.J. and Bud go on a zombie hunt. To profit from their business, they need zombie ingredients and raw materials no matter what they cost. Now that they have become experts in zombie hunting and have access to lots of gadgets, traps and weapons, their chances of success will only increase, not decrease.

They are already making a good amount of profit selling zombie snacks and dishes. They have a good reputation among their customers. On a daily basis, hundreds of customers visit their store because the taste they get from their dishes cannot be found anywhere else. Customers don’t know that what they are eating is what they fear the most. When they see zombies, they go crazy, but they have no idea that what they are eating is made exactly from zombies, very funny.

The Earth is now full of zombies because of the zombie invasion. People are afraid for their lives. These two guys are not only saving the world by eliminating and hunting zombies, but also making profit from them. They are killing two birds with one stone. This game is easy, but if you need tips and tricks and secrets, you can read about them. Zombie Catchers MOD APK is the game you must play.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK has unlocked everything, unlock all levels, unlimited money, coins, gems, and no ads. If you don’t like ads, don’t worry my friend because there is not a single ad in Zombie Catchers MOD APK. You definitely want to reach the maximum level in this game, don’t you? Reach the maximum level in Zombie Catchers MOD APK hack version. In this unlocked and new version, mod menu and free purchases are also available. The mod version we are giving is the new update, not the old version. Zombie Catchers MOD APK is available for iOS and for PC also, but mostly it is a game for android.

How to download Zombie Catchers MOD APK:

  1. To install, you need to tap on the Download MOD APK button.
  2. After that, make sure to tap on the Download Now button.
  3. The next step is to press Download MOD APK.
  4. Your download will start automatically.


How many levels does Zombie Catchers have?

It has many new levels.

Can Zombie Catchers be played online?

No, it can only be played offline.

What are the system requirements for this game?

You need at least Android 4.4 to play.

Final words:

In this game, you not only hunt zombies, but also zombie bosses. Go on a boss hunt and finish them all, such as Beach boss, Lagoon boss, Snow boss, Swamp boss, etc. Check the zombie list to see what zombies are in the game, such as the banana zombie and the slush zombie. Reach all the ranks by increasing your XP and complete the final level 81. Collect all the juicers because some of them are better than the others.

Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK right now. Also, be sure to download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK which is another great zombie game.

What's new

Hello Zombie Hunters around the world!
We have made the following changes in this update:
-Internal improvements
-Added soft and forced update features.



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